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Would you like to:

~Be able to find what you need when you need it

~Enjoy a peaceful, cluter-free home where you can relax

~Purchase less because you can easily see what you already own

~Have friends over because you feel good about your house

~Make the most of the storage space in your house


If you’d like to stress less and enjoy life more, Gilley’s Organizing is ready and waiting to help! We offer professional organizing services for just about any area of the home. During our hands-on organizing sessions, we offer support so you can purge the things you no longer love or need, give direction when you’re struggling, and help you discover that all you have is really enough! We’ll help you sort through and correctly store your stuff and teach you to maintain new systems even after we’re gone.

Once you’re organized, you’ll feel less stressed, be more productive, have an easier time cleaning the house, save money, and discover more time for yourself.

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Home Organazing consultation


Here we'll assess your needs and priorities. We'll discuss how we can make you feel less overwhelmed by making your space more livable. We'll listen as you talk.    

Organizing   Service


This is an important part of the process, but one that tends to make people anxious. Don't let it make you so.  We'll work on this together to figure out which items are still beneficial, and which items are no longer needed. Or if you prefer, we can set up a plan for us to do the work for you.  You have the final say; we just help you make some decisions as we go.

Home Organizing Service Springfield, IL
organizeyour home to sell


The final step is finding suitable homes for each of your belongings as we reuse containers, if possible. We'll aim to create a logical, efficient system for you as you learn new habits to save time, money, and emotional energy.    

What People are saying

"Dena has a wonderful, kind, patient spirit and I would highly recommend her to help you organize any room or closet in your house.  Dena helped me clean out and organize my basement. It's never looked this good since I moved in 20 years ago!  Thanks Dena!"


Julie Zara

Sherman, IL

"Thank you Dena for your outstanding work.  Thorough, friendly, and understanding.  Stayed on task and went the extra mile.  We hope your business thrives and we wish you every success!"


Nancy Stilwell

Springfield, IL

"You guys.....Two words for you.  HIRE DENA.  She has been a lifesaver for my business and our home!!  She came in and observed, listened, made a plan, and promptly executed. Thank you Dena!"


Brandi Tolley

Springfield, IL

"Today was the most fun I've had organizing.  Thanks Dena, you are the best!"


Steve Miller

Springfield, IL

"Dena did an amazing job organizing our kitchen.  It all looks wonderful, is more functional and accessible.  She was thorough, thoughtful and timely.  We couldn't be more pleased!  Thank you again Dena for all that you did."

Jolene Valeu

Chatham, IL